Crabby Bubble Bath Maker



Dear Mom and Dad, baby’s bathing time will be more fun this time! No more fussing and crying when its baby’s bath time.

This bubble makers is designed like a toy crab, so that kids and babies alike will appreciate playing in the bubbles delivered by this fun and beautiful air bubble blower! Youngsters will love bubbles blowing from the crab’s mouth! Whether it’s raining or its snowing outside, your children can feel the delights of summer as they move under a course of bubbles! Set it up on the bathroom wall and let the bubbles shower over them in the bath!

Crabby Bubble Bath Maker Features:

 Durable and non-toxic material
 Musical bubble maker to make baths more enjoyable
 Works with 2 AA battery (not included)
 Bright colors that enhance baby’s intelligence
 Enhances kids’ motor skills
 Safe for use
 A perfect gift for kids

The Crabby Bubble Bath Maker is a more enjoyable fun toy that other bath toys out there because it makes bathing time a delightful and creative experience for baby. It is also natural, non-toxic and encourages babies to wash themselves with the bubbles. It is also considered to be a safe toy for babies since it is installed on the bathroom wall.