GlowyStars – Glow In The Dark Stickers

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These stars glow in the dark to emulate the lovely lights we see on the night sky. If you enhance your kid's room with them, they will rouse your youngsters' interest about the universe, move their creative ability and improve their learning. Make a realistic starry sky with this splendid shining stars which copies the look of a genuine night sky. These stickers suit any room, school room, bedroom, or even living room! Simply place the glowing stickers on any clean and level surface, turn on the light for 5 minutes then put off the light and appreciate an evening view. 


 Great decoration for bedrooms, nursery rooms, kid's room, etc
 Composed of individual stickers.
 Can a bsorb light and glow in the darkness.
 Can be used in walls, ceilings and any smooth surface