Penguin Icebreaker Game – A Family Bonding Experience

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 INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT – The process of playing the Penguin Ice Game, even assembling the hexagon ices, can exercise children’s hand-eye coordination ability and geometric cognitive ability, and train children’s hand flexibility and independent thinking ability, to promote their intellectual development.

 SAFETY AND DURABLE – Penguin ice breaker games are made from environmental protection material, non-toxic, safe and healthy. The high-quality plastic makes the products more durable. It is an interactive game, and you can play with your family and get happy in the game.

 HOW TO PLAY – Assemble the hexagon ices into the ice-breaking platform. Take turn spin the spinner wheel to see what color of and how many ice cubes you need to knock out with the small hammer. The person who makes the penguin in the middle fall through the ice loses.