Sneekums Toy Spoof Monkey

$30.00 $14.95

Are you looking for new and hot ways to spoof your family and friends? The Sneekums Toy Spoof Monkey may be the best and hottest gift to surprise your friends or family members. Get ready to hide and spoof them with this little Sneekums Toy Spoof Monkey. You can place this furry friend in every corner of the room. Surprise your friends, family members, and co-workers at any time you want. The Sneekums Toy Spoof Monkey comes with three modes that you can choose from: button mode, built-in timer mode, and mode wire.

You can have fun with your friends, family, and co-workers by playing with these little toy spoof monkeys. Little kids aren’t the only one ones who deserve to have fun. Adults can also have fun once in a while and act crazy!